What We Do


During your first visit you will have a comprehensive examination of your head, neck and oral cavity (mouth). This will determine the condition of your oral health and give me the proper information to provide the most effective treatment of all areas of immediate and/or long term concern.


This is the removal of soft (plaque) & hard (tartar) deposits and stain from above and below the gumline. This aids in reversing gingivitis (infected gums) and helps prevent/treat periodontal disease. The treatment includes scaling/root planing by hand scaling or use of an ultrasonic scaler (cavitron). The polish is provided by the traditional method with paste or by an airpolisher (prophy jet) that uses a powder. Fluoride is provided only to those who chhose it and meet the requirements. Oral hygiene review & instruction is always provided to those who need a refresher or those who are learning about a new dental aid.


Pit & fissure sealants are a non invasive protective coating that is applied to the biting surface of molars and sometimes pre-molars that have very deep grooves. These grooves provide a breeding ground for bacteria and accelerate the decay process. By placing these sealants, it gives the tooth surface a preventive barrier that helps protect it against the cavity causing bacteria.


Sensitive teeth can be caused by various factors including receeding gums, toothbrush abrasion, grinding/wearing of teeth and erosion of enamel. This can be treated with a desensitization solution that is topically applied to the affected area(s). This process blocks exposed dentin (layer beneath enamel) or root surfaces which will reduce pain and sensitivity.


Custom made sports guards provide superior protection in comparison to a store bought athletic mouth guard. It will help prevent injuries to the teeth in all contact sports and is created by taking an impression of your teeth which is used to fabricat the mouthguard to fit without any movement which provides safe and effective protection.

IN OFFICE WHITENING * Not all clients are candidates

Achieve a whiter brighter smile with our in office whitening. Our in office whitening is fast, effective and is completed in one appointment. Have immediate and long term results with no messy mouth guards or strips to wear at home for multiple days. The process takes about an hour and can be done during a lunch break or before any event. It features built in desensitizers to aid in decreasing sensitivity as sensitivity is associated with all forms of whitening.


Following your assessment, you may need further treatment (repair of cavities, implants, dentures, periodontal surgery etc.) by a Dentist or specialist, we will be happy to provide the referral for you.